Momento II Timer

  • Electric heater with integrated timer
  • Smart functions
  • Compatible with all PAX combined rails
  • Compatible with bathroom fan PAX NORTE
  • User friendly
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Remote control via App.
  • 5 years warrenty
  • Made in Sweden.

With Pax Momento II™, your towel warmer is only running when you need
it to be, so you can easily lower your electricity bill without compromising on
everyday luxury. Momento II™ comes with dozens of smart features that allow
you to save energy, improve your indoor climate and simplify your everyday life.
How Momento II™ works
Momento II™ gives you full control over when you want your towel warmer to
be on. You can configure multiple different timers directly on the warmer using
the built-in button, or using the Pax Wireless app. With the app, you can also
set multiple different power levels. This allows you to optimise the use of your
towel warmer as it is only running when you need it to be. If you have a Pax Norte
bathroom fan in the same bathroom as your towel warmer, you can pair them so the
towel warmer switches on automatically when the fan’s humidity sensor detects an
increased humidity level, for example when you start showering.

  • Steel heating element
  • Elegant design in chrome
  • Easy to install